Nautic Gourmet: From A to Z

It’s traditional for the agency OPEN COMUNICACIÓN to highlight the most interesting things from the FITUR exposition that features a total of 10,000 participants. In this case, we were included in their feature, from A to Z, they dedicated a letter to us:

With N, Nautic Gourmet

“They were surely one of the most novel and unique presentations at FITUR. Their round boats have a capacity up to 10 people that fill up a floating dining room while viewing a city from a different perspective, going wherever you please. You can go on small excursions, guided visits with friends, unique business meetings, and at the same time enjoy a barbecue, picnic, or a high end gastronomic experience. Since this is a business born in Bilbao, their offerings had no shortage of pintxos, beans with sacramentos, and Basque style steak… and all of this paired with the Best wines. We want to thank the OPEN COMUNICACIÓN team, the reference they have given Nautic Gourmet, and the words of encouragement they have given us.

The Nautic Gourmet team.